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I’m so tired of feeling like I’m not good enough .

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READ . . this is so true !

"1. If a girl says she doesn’t feel good when
you’re trying to insert yourself into her, that
means one of two things: she doesn’t feel good, or she doesn’t want to have sex. So stop. 2. When a girls nipples are hard, that does NOT mean she’s aroused. More times than not, she’s cold. Get her a blanket and quit trying to fondle her. 3. 93% of the time when a girl says “I really like you, but I’m not ready for a relationship..” Means she just doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, but has her eye on someone else. 4. When you’re in bed with a girl and she says “I just want to cuddle.” She means that, exactly. Rubbing your erection against her butt, and dry humping her leg isn’t going to get you laid. It’s going to get her to pretend to fall asleep. 5. Don’t ever ask a girl “what do you want for valentines day?” Nine times out of ten, she will say “you don’t have to get me anything.” That’s a lie. Girls always want something, we just don’t want to ask for it. Get your girl flowers. And do it more than once a year. Girls love flowers. 6. Don’t refer to your girl as your “bitch.” It’s not cute. We don’t refer 2u as our “piece of shit.” 7. All girls are jealous. ALL of them. So when your girl tries to hold your hand, hug on u, or kiss u in public…let her. Otherwise she will assume you’re ashamed of her. Kiss her back. If u don’t want to show ur girl off, then u shouldn’t be with her. 8. While having intercourse, when she says “I want you to cum” or “you can get off now.” That means she’s done. She doesn’t want anymore. So quit taking your time. But don’t feel bad, maybe she couldn’t handle anymore awesome sex. Or maybe you’re just not that good. 9. Don’t talk to other girls constantly. Like I said, all girls are jealous. Give your girl more attention than anyone. Don’t intentionally try to make your girl jealous. They are jealous enough without you trying.”

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Can I ?

I’m tired of trying ! Can I give up on everything now ?

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